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Professionalism speaks Audioitalia

We are an audio production house founded in 1980, with offices in Padua, Milan and Turin.

We give character and voice to national and international brands. We do it every day, using all our passion, experience and high skills in the sound, music, vocal and communication fields.

Our is a great team, ready to fulfill your every wish in the audio industry by taking care of all aspects: from strategic and creative study to production, from script to voice casting.

We enhance your reality with unique and distinctive audios, which arouse curiosity and interest, ignite emotions and desires, aiming straight at your brand.

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When you hear the difference

We create emotions that go straight to the heart of your audience. We always raise the bar of excellence, keeping our competitiveness high. Our rich team of professionals is ready to provide you with an all-inclusive product, from strategic and creative study to production, from script to voice casting. You can also make use of the single services, based on your organizational, operational and budget needs.

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Any excuse is good for branding

We identify interesting content for your target and organize it into captivating and memorable messages: this is our essential premise to reach your audience and meet their needs. The interpretative performances and vocal qualities of our speakers give maximum appeal to your message, fully enhancing it to give strength and character to your brand.


The human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all, but it is the most difficult to reproduce.



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We help public and private companies to achieve the target with a powerful, original and memorable message, able to stand out in the market in which they operate.

Large-scale distribution
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Create captivating audio messages, with the right voice and words, to whet the desire of those who frequent shopping malls and large-scale distribution.

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You can become client! We reach consumers of shops, drugstores, commercial establishments with tailor-made audio productions with attention to every detail.

Communication agencies
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We become reliable and always available partners for media centers, advertising and communication agencies that want to make a difference with excellent audio services.

Theatre, TV, Radio
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Our experience and professionalism at the service of radio and television broadcasters, audio and video operators, production and dubbing studios, to find the right voice together.

Public bodies and structures
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We create clear, immediate and exclusive audio content for public facilities such as museums, trade fairs, terminals, theatre companies and service centres.

Those who relied on us

Over the years we have become partner with recognized national and international brands, a real reference point for the creation of quality audios, both in the b2s (institutions, companies, resellers and professional studios), and in the b2b (communication agencies, publishers and audio-video and broadcasting operators, multimedia, discography, theatre and entertainment).

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