Audio for video production

Enhance the images

The sound comes before the image and conditions its perception.
It can soften it or harden it, diminish it or enhance it.

It also represents a sensory impact driver, with a high emotional potential. An incredible strength on which the quality of an audiovisual product depends, but above all its appeal to the viewer.

With our know-how and our professionalism, we support you in the best audio creation for your movies.


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He can do it! Angelo, if he tells you that he can do it … he can do it !!! Do you have urgency? He makes it! Do you want to spend? he can do it!! Do you want to save? He can do it !!! Can Angelo be wrong? Yup! But he can do it and solves it!

Alessandro Vai – 3V Multimedia (BO)

Sound that captures emotions

Enhance your videos

A well-made video is certainly effective for those who watch it. The captivating images, the well-calibrated colours, the enveloping light, the rhythmic scenes with the taste of rhythm capture the viewer and guide him/her towards a great emotion. But to turn a good video into an unforgettable video, there is only one way: to take full advantage of the extraordinary power of sound.

Voice and music are an exceptional mix to enhance the images and make the most of your movies, making them capable of conquering a special place in the mind, in the memories and in the heart of the viewer.
With Audio Italia you can take the unmissable opportunity to create a quality, exciting and memorable product: discover our audio for video production.

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Audio projects for video production

Why should you choose Audio Italia?

We have long been an important reference point and a reliable, competent and always available partner for the creation of quality audio, both for organizations, businesses and companies, as well as for publishers, operators and communication agencies.


At your disposal there are more than 500 speakers selected from the greatest Italian and foreign voice talents, who transform simple words into authentic vibrations, capable of reaching the heart of your target.

With the “Daily Voice” formula, on a weekly rotation, every day you can choose the voices of our best Italian talents at super competitive conditions. If you are urgent, you can have your favorite call-up voice whenever you want.