Dubbing and logistics management for 20th Century Fox & Locksmith

We provide our Audioitalia studios for the recording and dubbing of national and international movies. In fact, our speakers are not just speakers, but dubbers who are expert in gestural, rhythmic and lip synchronous. Depending on the project to be carried out, we use different techniques such as oversound dubbing, in which the voice of the dubber overlaps with that of the character, or in simil-sync dubbing, where the voice respects the tempos but not the lip, or the lip-sync dubbing usually used for the cinema. We also provide native translators who adapt the content according to the language and culture of the destination country.

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What we have done for 20th Century Fox & Locksmith

The Audioitalia studio in Padua was the production company chosen for the dubbing of Barney, star of the film “Ron’s Gone Wrong”, released in November 2020 and starring Jack Dylan Grazer. The very young star of Shazam, It and It:Chapter Two, also involved in the Padua area on the set of Luca Guadagnino “We are who we are” (with an exceptional cast, including Francesca Scorsese), Grazer brought the voice of Barney within our offices in Padua.
For the occasion, we converted our direction into an audio-video studio connected in streaming with Locksmith Animation in London. The result was a demanding dubbing session for cinema which involved Locksmith, Audioitalia and external service staff in an intense, but highly efficient teamwork. From Locksmith Animation in London, the following reached the Audioitalia headquarters: Sarah Smith scriptwriter and CEO, George Pembrey script Supervisor and Todd Tanguay manager of Grazer.