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An audioguide is a voice recording contained in an electronic device through which the most important and significant information of a particular place can be heard. This service is in fact used in cultural structures such as museums, monuments or places of historical importance, to accompany visitors during their stay with commentary spoken in several languages. In Audioitalia we have been offering this particular service for some time, and among our most prestigious projects are the activities planned by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. Our clients’ requests are mainly multilingual and include the most widely spoken European languages – Italian, English, French, German and Spanish – but we can also include Russian, Japanese or Chinese upon request. The service includes voice casting that allows us to choose the most suitable voice for the project, followed by translations in different languages, to finish with dubbing and definitive recording. We take care of the voices with the aim of offering culture enthusiasts a pleasant visit through a clear, understandable and more satisfying explanation.

Benvenuto a Roma


  • Tamara

    Tone of voice:Bright, Strong

    Usage:advertising spots, radio-tv promo, voices for the video

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What we have done for the Benvenuto a Roma (Welcome to Rome) audio guide

The eternal city, able to fascinate and enter the heart of every tourist, making a dream live. With its imposing palaces and monuments, Rome allows you to take a real journey through history, discovering its most hidden wonders. We followed the creation of the “Benvenuto a Roma (Welcome to Rome) audioguide, best interpreting the message that the project wants to convey to the listeners: a journey of pleasant and exciting emotions, visiting the most touristic but also the most secret places of this city full of treasures. During the voice casting, we selected the protagonist voice with care and attention, with the aim of enhancing all the chapters proposed in the audio guide.