Video spot for Chioggia Capital City

Our video spot service combines one or more voices from our staff with our client’s video. Video spots are important marketing resources used for commercial purposes, to incentivize the purchase of a new product or service, or to advertise particular periodic offers. During the first consultancy phase with the client, all the activities are planned and the relative timescales defined for the completion of the project. An accurate voice casting is essential for the message to remain etched in the minds of consumers. Our client has a cast of over 500 voices to choose from, male or female, national, international and multilingual. During the registration phase we create multiple versions of interpretation of the text, so that the client can choose which one to identify with and propose any changes.


  • Tamara

    Tone of voice:Bright, Strong

    Usage:advertising spots, radio-tv promo, voices for the video

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What we have done for Chioggia Capital City

The video, lasting over three minutes, was made as a tribute to Chioggia, candidate for city of culture 2024. Tamara, the voice selected during the voice casting, tells the story of the city through a sequence of scenes provided by the client. We also added a light background sound to accompany the warm, serene and engaging tone of voice. The video retains an emotional trait from start to finish to make the audience feel involved in the storytelling and intrigue them, stimulating the desire to visit Chioggia. We have created a strategy to combine the creative part with the operational one, with the precise definition of the objective and a clear timeline forecast for the execution of the project.