Video spot for Clarins

Alternate images, videos and voices with a single goal: to attract the attention of new potential clients. To achieve it, the creation of a copy suitable for the public and the choice of a voice that knows how to interpret it by transmitting the right emotions are fundamental. The project begins with the consultation and discussion phase with the client, in which we take care of his/her wishes so that at the end of the project he/she can feel fully satisfied. During the voice casting, the choice of voice takes into consideration any dubbing in several languages: in these cases we also take care of the translations and the chosen voices will preferably be native or multilingual. On the other hand, sound branding identifies with which songs, sounds and sound effects the brand is represented. After having selected the most suitable voice and decided on the sound base of the project, the recording phase in the room follows in which various proposals are made available to the client. The latter will then choose the preferred version.


  • Alessandra

    Tone of voice:Bright, Mature, Versatile

    Usage:advertising spots, radio-tv promo, voices for the video

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What we have done for Clarins

A commercial video spot dedicated to the launch of a new Clarins product, an anti-aging serum that makes the face brighter and smoother thanks to the plant extracts it is made of. During the voice casting, together with the client, we chose a female and engaging voice taking into consideration the audience to which the video was aimed, mainly made up of women. The product was highlighted with the choice of keywords and short phrases that conveyed its value to the consumer, and during the registration phase they were interpreted by our voice using the appropriate tone. Instead, the sound branding part served to enrich and bring out the voice with a slight background sound.