Video dubbing for Curbstand

Our video dubbing service is available in several languages, such as Italian, English, Spanish, German and French, in addition to non-European languages upon request. The dubbing procedure takes place in our recording studios after the voice casting, where we choose the reference voice for the project. Male, female, national or international voices of all ages: we have over 500 voices available to best interpret the requests of all clients who choose us. In addition to the voice, we rely on native professionals for the translations of texts: their experience in the field allows us to offer the client the perfect interpretation of the reference culture. Finally, we can add background music of the client’s choice to give the video a greater brand identity.

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What we have done for Curbstand

In this project we took care of the video dubbing phase of a new Curbstand service. After an initial consultation with the client, we have planned an operational and creative strategy with the definition of specific timelines. During the voice casting, we took into consideration the making of the video in German, the mother tongue of the brand. We selected a female voice with a clear and professional tone and as a background we chose dynamic music together with the client to accompany the scenes and make them more emotional.