Video spot for I Luminosotti

The video spot service allows us to combine one or more of the voices of our staff with the video proposed by our client. Video spots often have commercial purposes, such as the launch of a new product or service on the market, or special periodic offers. During the consultation with the client, we explain all the information useful for achieving the goal: an accurate voice casting is essential for the message to remain etched in the minds of consumers. In Audioitalia we provide a cast of over 500 voices to choose from: male or female, national, international and multilingual. During the registration phase, we offer our client several versions of interpretation of the text, so that he/she can choose which one to identify with and propose any changes.


  • Lorella

    Tone of voice:Elegant, Reassuring

    Usage:advertising spots, radio-tv promo, voices for the video

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What we have done for I luminosotti

A video spot aimed at attracting the attention of children. After an initial consultation with the client, in which we confirmed the copy, we activated the voice casting procedure by opting for a female voice because it can be associated by children with the figure of the mother, using a lively and fun tone of voice that arouses curiosity. Being dedicated to children, the spot is short, it immediately explains the name of the new product and indicates where to find it. For the sound branding part, a sound motif similar to a jingling sound was chosen to express lightheartedness and remember the sounds of toys. The spot was broadcast on the national network and the project was carried out in collaboration with communication agencies.