Traditional jingles for local and national radios

Originally, the short musical motif used by radios before a spot was considered a jingle, while today we consider it a real marketing resource to identify the broadcaster, its brand or its company. It is a sung or spoken musical spot with a simple but strong impact text, repeated over time to facilitate memorization by the listener. We offer a complete service that includes strategy and creativity, sound branding and voice casting. The comparison and alignment with the client is essential to define the creative and operational part, so that they are in line with the identity of the brand or company. For this reason, putting the client’s idea at the centre of the project allows a clearer and more conscious choice of sounds and voice. Bright and enthusiastic voices are usually preferred, to attract the auditory attention of listeners and convey positive emotions to them.

Radio jingles

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What we have done for the radio jingle production

We have created a unique audio for you to listen to our radio jingles. These projects have been conceived and created to give local and national radios an identity of their own with a vocal spot sung and representative of the radio itself. All radio jingles were developed after an initial phase of direct consultancy with clients, in which we defined the strategies for the creative and operational parts. During the voice casting we chose the most representative voice for each radio and then moved on to the sound branding phase, in which we chose the most suitable sound for the chosen voice.