Video spot for Kia Ceed

We like to challenge ourselves and always accept new proposals. That’s why, with our cast of voices, we support the video spots of the most diverse companies. Dedicating ourselves to video spot projects means planning a strategy together with the client that knows how to enhance the scenes through one or more voices of our cast. We also take into account the tone of voice and the emphasis with which the message must be communicated. The following phase involves sound branding, in which we seek melodies representative of the brand’s identity. We thus obtain a project that effectively communicates the value of the product and of the brand itself.


  • Angelo

    Tone of voice:Mature, Versatile, Warm

    Usage:advertising spots, radio-tv promo, voices for the video

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What we have done for Kia Ceed

The video aims to communicate to the viewer the emotions you can feel while driving the new Kia car. Initially, we talked with the client to decide on the creative and operational strategy that would respond to the needs of the brand. Voice casting, the voice selection procedure, allowed us to choose the most suitable voice to communicate to the target audience. For the background, we chose an energetic music track, which for most of the video accompanies the scenes without the presence of the voice. In the final part, the car model is announced accompanied by the company payoff: two elements that are placed at the end of the spot so that the most important information remains imprinted on the potential client.