Lafert video dubbing

We offer our clients a video dubbing service available in several languages: from the most widely spoken in Europe such as Italian, English, Spanish, German and French, up to non-European languages on request. The dubbing takes place in our recording studios after the voice casting, where the reference voice for the project is chosen. Male, female, national or international voices, our staff of over 500 voices is available to best interpret the requests of all clients who choose us. In addition to voice, we also take care of translations thanks to our native translators who interpret the text according to the reference culture. Finally, we can add a background music chosen by the client, to give the video a greater appeal.

Main services

What we have done for Lafert

In this project we made the audio recording in Spanish and Italian for the Lafert company. After receiving the material from the client, we carried out a double voice casting, precisely because the voices had to be native speakers of Spanish and Italian. For the Spanish, a deep-toned male voice was selected, one of the most successful in Spain, accompanied by an emotional background sound. The dubbing was done in simil-sync: the voice respected the tempos of the video scenes but not the lip. The video focuses on the history of the company and its evolution which took place thanks to a team of people who work with passion.