A sequence of sounds and sound effects chosen as the background of the speaker. The radio liner aims to advertise the name of a brand or company, interpret slogans or customized messages. At Audioitalia we accompany clients in all phases of the liner project, from design to construction. We study the sound branding so that the client can identify himself/herself in the song chosen, by offering more options with various sound effects. We also carry out voice casting to choose together the voice that best suits the message to be communicated, creating word games with particular tones of voice to entertain and attract the attention of listeners. Thanks to an initial consultation with the client, we create a strategy that combines creativity and operations.

Radio liner

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Radio Liner

A project that combines refined sound effects and voices, creating a unique balance of sounds capable of attracting the attention of listeners. In this case, during the voice casting the client chose to rely on an adult male voice with a compelling tone of voice. Today, Audioitalia clients prefer to use spoken messages rather than sung ones, paying particular attention to musical effects capable of giving a well-defined identity to the project. Making those who choose us satisfied means for us to create an impeccable liner, which fully responds to the strategy.