Video spot for Mickyflex

In order to increase the interest of new potential clients, during the creation of a video spot, copy suitable for the public and the choice of a voice that knows how to interpret it best, conveying the right emotions, are essential. Our Audioitalia projects begin with an initial consultancy phase with the client in which we built a strategic plan to then proceed with the creative and operational part. The second phase involves voice casting, with a specific test on the interpretation of the text to choose the most suitable voice for each project. We also deal with dubbing in several languages by choosing native or multilingual voices. Finally, the sound branding phase aims to create a sound motif that represents the identity of the brand.


  • Angelo

    Tone of voice:Mature, Versatile, Warm

    Usage:advertising spots, radio-tv promo, voices for the video

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What we have done for Mickyflex

For this project in collaboration with the Mickyflex company, we paid particular attention to the interpretation of the text, which was studied by comparing the life before and after the purchase of the new product in an ironic way. During the voice casting we chose a male voice with a professional tone suitable for interpreting advertising spots of this kind. In the first part, we didn’t insert any background sounds in order to make the client understand that true comfort only comes when they purchase the Mickyflex sofa bed. Precisely for this reason, in the second part we have introduced a music that transmits serenity to the potential client. At the center of attention, in the second part of the spot, is the quality of the product and the relaxation it offers. The video closes with the company number, shop address and website.