Trailer of the movie Without a Clue

A short presentation video to increase the curiosity of the public before the official release of a new movie. This is the trailer, a sequence of the most sensational and evocative scenes, which leave the viewer with that feeling of: “How long is it until the release of this film ?! I absolutely want to see it!”. Dynamic and ringing voices for the most adventurous movies, dark and mysterious for movies that create suspense, or even deep voices for romantic movies: our dubbing and voice over service has been designed to accompany our clients in the creation of impactful and effective trailers. To make them live up to the expectations of the public, our key to success is the interpretation of the text with the intent of finding the exact balance between the voice and the scenes of the video. With Audioitalia trailers you will always have the certainty of clearly transmitting all the unforgettable emotions of a movie.


  • Angelo

    Tone of voice:Mature, Versatile, Warm

    Usage:advertising spots, radio-tv promo, voices for the video

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What we have done for Canale 10

A pleasant and ironic reinterpretation of the legendary figure of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, both engaged in a plot against his majesty organized by the perfidious Professor Moriarty. With this project, the intention was to create a funny and sarcastic trailer for an audience of fans of the most popular detective of all time. Thanks to the complicit interplay of sounds, voices and scenes, we were able to satisfy the client and the viewer together. The dubbing was carried out by us at Audioitalia for Canale 10, a TV of the local Roman network, with which a successful collaboration has been active for years for voice over activities and advertising spots. After the realization of this project, the protagonist voice of the trailer was chosen as the official voice of Canale 10 for 5 consecutive years.