TV Spot for Sottolestelle

We make ourselves available to our clients from the design phase to the complete realization of the musical and vocal part, offering the voice casting and sound branding service to consolidate the brand identity. Carrying out an accurate voice casting is essential for the message to remain etched in the minds of consumers. We have over 500 voices to choose from, male and female, national, international and multilingual. After the tests on the interpretation of the text, we go to the recording studio providing the client with multiple versions so that he/she can choose which one to identify with and propose any changes.


  • Angelo

    Tone of voice:Mature, Versatile, Warm

    Usage:advertising spots, radio-tv promo, voices for the video

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What we have done for Sottolestelle

A TV spot made for Sottolestelle, a brand of organic products. The client provided us with the video and, during the voice casting phase, we chose the most appropriate voice to interpret it: male, with a professional and firm tone accompanied by a cheerful musical background. During the registration phase, we made several versions available to the client so that he/she could choose the most representative of the brand and suggest changes if necessary.