Radio spot for Penny Market

At Audioitalia, we offer a radio spot service that provides for the creation of timely messages with different objectives to respond perfectly to client requests. To achieve the best results, it is essential for us to effectively align with the company both on the operational and strategic part, and then move on to voice casting for the choice of the most suitable voice. When the copy is ready and the voice has been selected, we move on to the recording room for the realization of the spot. The main objective of the message is to communicate the mood of the brand to the audience of listeners through the emotions transmitted by the voice and background sounds. The spot can contain customized messages of different types, for example dedicated to discounts, new products, greeting messages or new openings. The voices that our clients often select for radio spots are lively, energetic and radiant, both male and female.

Penny Market


  • Alessandra

    Tone of voice:Bright, Mature, Versatile

  • Diego

    Tone of voice:Bright, Strong, Young

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What we have done for the Penny Market supermarket

We have been collaborating with Penny Market for over five years, initially with a direct consultancy service to support the creative part. Over time, the working relationship has strengthened and consolidated, and Penny Market has decided to entrust us with the complete management of texts, slogans and sound branding for all projects. After a first phase of confrontation with the client, in which we highlighted the objectives of direct communication to the public, we created the text of a radio spot by alternating sung and recited parts with the aim of involving and entertaining the listener more. After that we opted for a sung payoff so that it would have a strong impact and easy to remember. We chose two adult voices, one male and one female, both with a particularly lively tone of voice, with the aim of making the audience feel part of a large group.