Video spot for Kenzo perfume

Created to attract the attention of potential clients in the market launch phase of a new product, the video spot is one of the most used digital tools by companies. It is an alternating and coordinated sequence of images and videos chosen on the basis of the target audience, which highlight the most salient aspects of the product. A fundamental function is played by the choice of messages capable of capturing the attention of the public. No less important is the emphasis and tone of voice: this is why, during the voice casting phase, the choice of voice must respect the target audience for which the video was designed. During the first phase of consultancy and discussion with the client, we take care of his/her choices so that at the end of the project he/she can feel fully satisfied. After selecting the most suitable voice, there is the stage that involves recording in the room. In cases of dubbing in multiple languages, we also take care of the translations and the selected voices will be native or multilingual.

Kenzo - Spot video
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What we have done for the Kenzo perfume brand

The perfume company Kenzo has collaborated with us at Audioitalia to support the voice over part of a video spot dedicated to the market launch of a new product. The advertising agency that follows the company approached us for a first consultancy call, in which all the objectives and needs of the commercial were highlighted, and we then defined a coordination program between the creative and the operational part. During the casting, we selected Alessandra’s voice because, thanks to her knowledge of English and French, she was able to assist the client also in the multilingual dubbing phase. The high experience of our staff also allows us to offer the client well-defined timelines already during the project organization phase. Dubbing is done first in the “base language” (English), and then in the client’s language (French). Alessandra’s delicate and reassuring tone of voice gave the spot a feminine and engaging touch to convey greater security to the potential client in the purchasing process.