Instore ads.

Prompt the desire to buy.
Customers you become. And do you know where?
Right inside your company, your stand, or your point of sale.
Turn your guest into a customer, welcome him/her with eye-catching messages, capable of arousing his/her desire, and persuasive messages, to get him/her to choose your product.
With the right voice and the right words everything will happen naturally.

Indoor and outdoor announcements.

Information or entertainment?
Shopping. Relaxation. Tourist attraction. Boarding.
In places of aggregation, communication with the public is an absolute necessity.
Each environment, however, requires its own type of communication.
A great opportunity for your brand image because it allows you to refine the best strategy of approach and relationship with your audience.
Make the most of this opportunity with content designed specifically for each circumstance and voices suitable for the type of script to be interpreted.

Onboard ads.

Never leave your passengers alone.
Accompany your passengers on their journey.
Keep them entertained, tell them about yourself, your services, news and offers.
Tell them about curiosities and anecdotes about the places you pass through, We help you to enhance your travel service and make their experience with you a little more special.

Messages for automatic answering systems.

Your best welcome.
Ironic, warm, distinguished.
From the way you welcome callers, you immediately make it clear who you are.
Whether you have an answering machine or an Interactive Voice Responder, in handling incoming calls, a welcoming voice, a fluid script with clear and quick directions, are your best visiting card.
From the study of scripts to voice casting, we take care of your voice image, so that it is coordinated with the personality of your brand and enhances its identity characteristics.

Service and courtesy messages
for electronic equipment.

Enhancing the brand experience.
When using electronic equipment, voice guidance is very important because, in addition to allowing correct use and a positive, quality experience, it immediately determines the quality of the relationship between product and user, i.e., between you and your customer.
Easy and comprehensible instructions dictated by a clear, pleasant and reassuring voice, to promote a positive brand experience.
That’s why we’re always so careful about the clarity and fluidity of texts, and the selection of the most suitable voices, with special focus on product, target and circumstance.

Museum and tourist audio-tours.

Beauty for Beauty.
A clear, elegant and appealing voice is a must for the creation of an audio-tour aimed at enhancing the value of assets and places of the artistic and naturalistic heritage.
But that’s not enough.
To always ensure a high level of attention you first of all need a voice trained in this type of narration, and then some intriguing, flowing scripts.
With us you can count on slim and fascinating narratives, and specialized voices for audio-tours, with facets and nuances that capture the attention.

Audio for e-learning and multimedia presentations.

Words and voices always to the point.
Audio recordings for educational purposes are very difficult to achieve.
because they deal with challenging issues, with long and articulated scripts.
Here, too, the challenge is twofold: the script must be essential and flowing and the voice must always be lively and to the point.
For e-learning too, we have specialised voices, careful to avoid flatness, to ensure participation and involvement, in the learning process.

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