We’ve been working with Audioitalia for the past 15 years. A partner we can rely on. If I continue to prefer this company and their professionalism it is because they have never stopped providing top-quality, reliable and punctual services. I can always rely on their great collaboration including when tackling complex and troublesome assignments.

Antonio Verardi – Verardi Produzioni (LE)

We’ve been working together for years. Audioitalia has always been in step with the times. Outstanding professionalism and punctuality have always been the distinctive traits of this company.
Might things continue this way forever.

Oscar Sgualdini – Mediaspot Pubblicità (VE)

He’ll manage it! Angelo, if he says he’ll manage it…then he will manage it!!!  Urgency? He’ll manage it! Want to spend? He’ll manage it! Want to save? He’ll manage it!! Could Angelo be mistaken? Yes! But he’ll solve the matter!

Alessandro Vai  – 3V Multimedia (BO)

Audioitalia is the ideal partner for the creation of top-level ad messages.

Micaela Ceci – Radio Radio (Roma)

Audioitalia, always a benchmark in terms of skill, professionalism and friendliness.

Federico Pelle – The Basement (VI)

Broad choice of Italian and foreign voices, very helpful, quick and professional. A partnership that has lasted for years and which completely satisfies me :)

Laura Placa – Centimetri (MI)

Impeccable service, unparalleled courtesy. Professionals with a human dimension with whom it is a pleasure to work.

Marianna Mangialardi – Bolerò (BA)

A highly renowned and extremely qualified company. We have been working together for years and are satisfied in having finally found a reliable partner and team. Highly professional and absolutely always ready to cooperate.

Silvia Cuomo – Adverteaser (VC)

Have we worked together?

Then write us and we’ll publish your thoughts too. Thanks!
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