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Dubbing is the replacement of an original speech with another, reproduced by a voice actor and dubber in the same language, or in a different language.

We use different dubbing techniques based on the product to be made.
The most requested for documentaries, docureality and reportage are:
oversound dubbing, in which the voice of the dubber overlaps with that of the character, and simil-sync dubbing, where the voice respects the tempos, but not the lip. Lip-sync dubbing, on the other hand, is mainly used for cinema.

We support you both in dubbing, with a wide choice of native speakers, and in translation with localization.

We are fast.
For the translation service, within 24 hours of delivery of the texts, you will receive the translated text in your mailbox.

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Dubbing & Translations

Over 500 native speakers

We don’t collaborate with simple speakers. 
They are voice actors and dubbers, true experts in gestural, rhythmic and lip synchronous.
This is why we at Audioitalia are also strong in dubbing, with more than 500 native speakers ready to give a voice to your projects in all the languages of the world.

And that’s not all! We can also support you in translation with localization. In fact, our qualified native-speaker translators “on site” adapt your content to the language and culture of the destination country, ensuring the perfect setting for your text.

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Audioitalia is the ideal partner for the creation of high-level advertising messages.

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Why should you choose Audioitalia?

We have long been an important reference point and a reliable, competent and always available partner for the creation of quality audio, both for organizations, businesses and companies, as well as for publishers, operators and communication agencies.


At your disposal there are more than 500 speakers selected from the greatest Italian and foreign voice talents, who transform simple words into authentic vibrations, capable of reaching the heart of your target.

With the “Daily Voice” formula, on a weekly rotation, every day you can choose the voices of our best Italian talents at super competitive conditions. If you are urgent, you can have your favorite call-up voice whenever you want.

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