The promotion of a brand through an audio product, e.g., a radio ad, provides the brand with high exposure
where quality and palatability of the message strongly affect the result and the perception of the brand image.
With the will and the desire to always ensure the high quality of our products and your success, we’ve decided to support you in the full realization of your audio projects, from the ex-novo drafting of scripts to the control and revision of already written ones.
For this reason, we entrust you with our copies, so that you can best express your message in form and content, thereby maximising effectiveness.

Copywriting & text creation.

What you say. How you say it. Says who you are.
Through ex-novo writing, we identify the contents to be conveyed and we develop them into engaging scripts which respect your tone of voice, i.e., your verbal and paraverbal identity (style, syntax, vocabulary, semantics and phonetics).
We create scripts and narrative formats that are always new and engaging, where the construction of the sentences, the choice of words, the insertion of the pauses and vocal interpretations are not entrusted to chance, but properly studied and calibrated to ensure your message is expressive and flowing.

Line editing: control and revision of scripts.

If instead, you already have your written script and just want to check them, no problem.
We’ll provide the revision, making sure there are no typing errors and inaccuracies.
We’ll notify you of any improvements and check conformity of length with expected duration.

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