The voice that represents you influences the perception and appreciation of your brand, a very important and delicate choice for your brand image.
As a first step therefore, it is advisable that choice of voice be made from a number of different “speakers, actors and dubbers”, so as to ensure the brand’s voice quality.
Then, you’ll need to identify the most suitable voice to represent the personality of your brand, without ever losing sight of your target audience.
For example, a luxury brand that targets a niche audience, must have a cultured, refined and elegant voice.
Certainly not sparkling and sporty.


Your voice tells you who you are, it gives you personality and character, qualifies and distinguishes your image, makes you recognisable, puts you in touch with your target audience and also establishes the quality of the relationship.
Of course, the choice is not easy.

That’s why we put at your disposal a rich cast with over 500 voices.
Among the greatest national and international talents, and we’ll assist you in identifying the tone and type of voice most suitable for you.

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