Voice casting

What voice does your brand have?

Male or female? Elegant and refined or lively and sporty?
Your voice says who you are, gives you personality and character, qualifies and distinguishes your image, makes you recognizable, puts you in contact with your target and also establishes the quality of the relationship.

The voice that represents you affects the perception and popularity of your brand.
It is important that the choice of the voice takes place within a shortlist of voice actors and dubbers, including identifying the most suitable tone to represent the personality of your brand, without ever losing sight of positioning and target.


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Voice casting

Over 500 voices for radio advertising, audio and video production

For your every need and according to the audio-video product to be created, in Audioitalia we put at your disposal a rich cast of over 500 voices, carefully selected from the greatest national and international talents.

We are aware that the choice is not easy, which is why we support you with professionalism, experience and sensitivity in identifying the right tone and type of voice for you.

Our speakers know how to transform simple words into authentic vibrations, able to reach the heart of your target. Do not settle for just any voice! Discover all our talents at your disposal and find your national or international voice.

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Audioitalia is the ideal partner for the creation of high-level advertising messages.

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Voice casting projects

Why should you choose Audioitalia?

We have long been an important reference point and a reliable, competent and always available partner for the creation of quality audio, both for organizations, businesses and companies, as well as for publishers, operators and communication agencies.


At your disposal there are more than 500 speakers selected from the greatest Italian and foreign voice talents, who transform simple words into authentic vibrations, capable of reaching the heart of your target.

With the “Daily Voice” formula, on a weekly rotation, every day you can choose the voices of our best Italian talents at super competitive conditions. If you are urgent, you can have your favorite call-up voice whenever you want.

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