Voice casting and Sound branding for Alfaparf Milano

Being able to arouse the listener’s emotions is what allows brands to stand out in the market. For the final client it is important to create a relationship with the brand in order to recognize it over time. Precisely for this reason, at Audioitalia we guide the client in the creation of the brand identity through the choice of the right voice, the tone, the emphasis with which the text is interpreted and the most suitable sound effects so that they can become easily recognizable. The sound branding strategies that we design highlight the values of client communication and then be able to translate them into authentic emotions for the public. The voice chosen during the voice casting influences and dictates the perception that the listener has of the brand itself: for this reason, we provide a cast of 500 national and international voices, both male and female.

Alfaparf Milano


  • Ruggero

    Tone of voice:Adult, Authoritative, Ironic

  • Annalisa

    Tone of voice:Bright, Strong, Young

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What we have done for the Alfaparf Milano brand

A project that alternates a female voice with a male one, both lively and sparkling. The copy was designed with a “question and answer” structure, creating a sort of spontaneous conversation between the two speakers, to then recommend and promote the new ShapInpulse service of the Alfaparf Milano company. At Audioitalia we followed the client by creating a communication strategy that combined the operational part with the creative part. The voice casting phase was carried out taking into account the client’s idea, and then moved on to the sound branding phase in which we tested different sounds to make the communication identifying the brand. Before confirming the project, we always create multiple versions for the client, leaving him/her free to choose the most suitable one.