Radio spot for Acqua Dolomia

At Audioitalia we like to challenge ourselves. When we dedicate ourselves to radio spot projects, we plan an initial consultation with the client to understand the message he/she wants to communicate to the public. Based on this, we then orient ourselves during the voice casting and sound branding phases. Voice casting is the part of the project in which we accompany the client in choosing the voice: the tone and emphasis with which the message is conveyed are distinctive features of effective brand communication. The next phase involves sound branding, in which representative melodies are sought to create the right brand identity. Before proceeding with the final version of the musical motif, we provide the customer with several versions to choose from.

Acqua Dolomia


  • Lorella

    Tone of voice:Adult, Elegant, Reassuring, Voices of Children

  • Diego

    Tone of voice:Bright, Strong, Young

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What we have done for Acqua Dolomia

The Acqua Dolomia radio spot project is aimed at different targets: adults, line-conscious people and new mothers. What do these three audiences have in common? Everyone wants and looks for light water when buying. This is precisely the message on which the entire operational and creative strategy of the Dolomia project is based. During the voice casting we chose voices that could best represent the three target categories and we compared ourselves with the brand to understand with which tone of voice they most identified. We structured the copy by inserting in the first part a potential request from the target audience and then the answer-solution of Acqua Dolomia, which was identified with a delicate and gentle female voice to emphasize the feeling of lightness.