Commercial jingle for America Graffiti

Commercial jingles of Audioitalia consist in the production of short commercials sung on customized arrangements with the name of a brand or company. The text is usually very simple and it is repeated over time to facilitate the memorization of the message by the listener. At the end of the project, the client can use the jingle as a real marketing resource to identify the identity of the brand or company. We offer a jingle service that includes both the strategic and creative part: we discuss with the client to understand his/her idea so that the choices are guided and aware, especially during the voice casting and sound branding phase. Usually our clients prefer fresh, bright and enthusiastic voices for their jingles, to attract the auditory attention of listeners and convey positive emotions to them.

America Graffiti


  • Raffaele

    Tone of voice:Authoritative, Happy, Mature, Strong

    Usage:advertising spots, radio-tv promo, voices for the video

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What we have done for America Graffiti

A radio jingle that in a few seconds communicates all the character of America Graffiti, the diner that combines good food and American culture. The goal of the message was the involvement of the listener: the first few seconds invite the potential client “in the American dream”, then a new menu is introduced to try and finally, given the period, we wish you happy holidays. This strategy was designed by us at Audioitalia in collaboration with the client during the first, essential consultation and discussion phase. The voice casting and sound branding then served to select the most representative voice of the project, creating a sonic identity of the brand.